passion, mission


my days have been occupied by (mostly) preparation to enter school again and trying to seep fun inbetween, for the sake of sanity. don’t think i’m all ready to be a student again, having to be the lowest doormat in the hospital hierarchy, but when i try to actually think about it, “okay, not everyone has the chance to do it now, maybe it’s mine. why waste it?”, i start to run for this. especially, with the thought of my parents’ proud smile as the payback.

it’s been a delightful experience to finally put your passion into reality. i did one of mine couple of days ago. this perfect timing might called fate. follow @yekeyekeYEAH for now as the website is still under construction 🙂

p.s. colour the dusk deep navy blue… and try to be brave, cause i’ll be right beside you.