as usual by the end of the year we are faced by a question “what did we have the past 360-something days?”

hearing some of my friends, frankly… 2010 has been quite hard on us. (hoorah i’m not alone :P) too¬†many losses and gains.

some of us lost our partners, families, and bestfriends. but some achievements came our way too.

as for me, yes it’s been hard dudeee! dealing with losses, real life at suburbs, between-life/death exams… i hardly¬†even believe i’ve been through all those times. but through many rains you often find rainbows, right.

this year, i got several life-changing moments. my dear nephew was born, i was officialy graduated as a doctor, hence.. got my first paycheck, and many travelling (*big grin sinfully) and went to seventh heaven unproperly, LOL

i should say, a year of lessons has been passed. and for 2011, though can’t tell you it’s gonna be easier… but i have to be braver, for something BIG and yes, a brighter future.