about what is highly subjective

couple of days ago i just struck by some sort of enlightment, it’s a classic one. that one effective way to be happy is to be grateful of what you’ve got and one of the cruelest mental sickness is envy. it’s crazy how those two attitudes can react toward each others in opposite forces. as simple as this: envy sucks out your soul while gratitude nourishes it. that day i said to myself… how could i whine over many things when i had all these delight. i believe God is a good director indeed, there’s a reason behind every dream that came true, pending wish, or even one that never happened to any existence.

i am content with my life, Alhamdulillah, and try to make the best out of it.

what about…

relish this southern beauty

say hi to this vandalized dragon

feel the water drops splashed onto my skin

cruise along this coast

and see if a wish i made at this place…

…comes to reality.