a hope and a predestination

this morning my father pointed me a box on the corner of the newspaper. my dream hospital to work in had opened vacancies for GPs, specialists, subspecialists, and nurses. i couldn’t get any more thrilled! i’ve only been twice to that hospital: couple of months ago-visiting relative who just gave birth and the day i was born into this world. yes, it’s the sacred place i was born at. earlier this year when i stepped into this building, i was excited to finally been in the hospital where i first saw the world, and it was love at the first sight. gazing around the maternity floor, “this was where my mom sacrificed her life for me”, i thought, “i want to deliver mine too here.” then i stepped out of the building with another resolution: “I HAVE TO WORK HERE SOMEDAY”. ha, finally i know how it feels to be challenged by the vacancy opening.

have i told you that day by day i believe more that everything happened for a reason, some might not be revealed, but there was one for each of them. and the beauty of it can only be perceived after they all passed… most of the time. yeah, i frequently have those ‘phews’ and said to myself “untuuuung aja!” 😛

ah well, help me with your prayers peeps… so i can give back to the world at that hospital. someday, Amin.