7 random facts

since tingling sensation is invading my hands, i don’t feel like writing a long post. so let’s try what ms. high-pitch tagged me to do :

  1. my user id “noddie” came from a long journey of evolution, and however labile it sounds no update would be made anytime soon… for the sake of my age
  2. hates jackfruit, raw banana, and durian
  3. had this brown stain on my left bulbar conjunctiva, never know where that comes from nor did an ophthalmologist
  4. always wanted to live in the USA particularly the Sunshine State (such a western slave since a kid :P)
  5. prefer beaches to mountains
  6. me = half Javanese + quarter Sundanese + quarter Padangnese # born in Jakarta, grew up in Bandung
  7. i daydream A LOT, that’s where this blog’s name came from. i hope this habit would give me any benefits someday rather than just wasting my time 😛

one step closer

Ah well. Here I am, finished my clinical clerkship but not yet a doctor. Exams and internship at peripheral hospitals are on their way. I spent my last 3 weeks at the hospital with a great spirit. Such a mixture of approaching-the-finish-line excitement and trying to enjoy the last traces of the hospital.

I had my time at remarkable places and met those who left good impression on me, my people 🙂

memorable section of hospital : ER and its contagiousness

God is a Great director indeed, I ended my time there with an interesting set up. Haha.

I also got a good lesson from my last dept : Neurology. We learned the philosophy of pain. Pain is defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. (IASP, 1986). As we can see from the definition itself, pain is actually a physiological process to warn and protect us from something destructive. For example, in the case of physical trauma, we feel the pain on site of the laceration or fracture, we would stay motionless and fixated to the particular position since it is too painful to move. Meanwhile it actually prevents us from further break and gives recovery to take place.

So then, why do we curse a lot on the pain we suffer? For it actually God’s way to save us from something worse.