not a good judge, really

How do you define perfect? Does perfect always bring you any good?
What happens when the so-called perfect matter dissapoints us?
Isn’t it confusing to strive from what’s left?
If perfect have different series, please tell me one that suits me.
Cause assorted menus have been served on my table but apparently in the end I still have no clue which would be good to my belly.
Maybe it’s about time I have to agree with the cliche saying: “You need what you really need, not what you want.”


fair enough

told ya : be good, kiddos!

another new life

i know someone who inspires me a lot. she’s been through some catastrophic events in her life yet she’s one of the most high-spirited person i know. brain cancer took her mother away from her, she got tracheostomy on her neck, and has arteriovenous malformation on her leg. despite all of that, i have never ever seen her down. she always passionately does her work and has smiles all over her face.

and who am i here, with all the treats, still daringly whine about this particular unpleasantness…

at this very moment as well, i would like to be thankful for having such GREAT parents who always be there no matter what. and of course my dearest friends for the meaningful supports. last but not least, ┬ámy only loving SAVIOR-Allah SWT… for letting me alive and breath this existence (feel the pain means alive, right? :D)

Andai kesusahan adalah hujan dan kesenangan adalah matahari maka kita butuh keduanya untuk melihat pelangi… -a friend’s friend

guess i might see the rainbow then…