yesterday, present, and tomorrow

i can say 2009 was pretty much  my favorite.

jan : beginning dept of my dream (surgery). total FUN. we could skip the exhaustion part…

feb : still fun. plus the butterflies and the seesaw ride. no worries-another life lesson.

march : the long-awaited finally showed his existence

april : discovery of a whole new world

may : OMG, this is how it felt to be loved… + 1st trip with his family

june : i hate internal dept. GRRRR.

july : finally over, with me and my troubled friends on top 10 among class, HAHA. and thank you, for coming every night shifts + recess time. topped it all with a relaxing (mostly trashing) vacation to thailand.

aug : spices spices, ouch… spicy.

sept : ied al-Fitr. introduced to each other’s big family. 2nd trip w/his family : went together to the east java. oohh, gini rasanya mudik hehehe… nice and warm family. oh never gonna forget the near death experience haha, i was damn scared walking very close near the cliff edge and the crazy wind blow up there at ijen crater.

oct : another vacation yehehe, to the never-boring singapore. i was turning 22 on the 19th. a surprise + a lovely watch = XOXO, d. but sadly, my chinese friend had to go pursuing her dream… till we meet again dira ling ling

nov : pediatric dept is far from scary as they said. though i got the jackpot, exam with the very famous, HMN. yes, it’s scary at that point hahaha (still dunno the result till now… please pass pass pass pass, yaa Allah.)

dec : 3rd vacay with his fam : semarang. starting the looooong holiday… always love this time of the year.

see why i put 2009 as my fav? got thru half of my clinical years, many travelling, and got my missing piece 🙂

as i put on my fb status…

2010’s gonna be tough :

  • job training at suburbs
  • face a lot of exams-departmental, comprehensive, competency zzzzz
  • don’t know where he’ll be…
  • please don’t add more

but excited to welcome : (insyaAllah)

  • my baby nephew, very soon!!
  • my 2nd graduation
  • doctor’s oath (kinda creepy)
  • my professional title!!!!!! yeaaahhh… aminnnn.
  • vacations please… 😛

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. konk
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 18:35:26



  2. noddie
    Jan 05, 2010 @ 00:17:46



  3. didi
    Jan 05, 2010 @ 21:05:42

    ciw ciw a whole new world. Digda baca blog lu ga si? bisa diatas angin dia hehehehe….


  4. noddie
    Jan 08, 2010 @ 16:22:51

    tau tuh.. dulu sih prnh baca, gatau deh skr.
    yaaa kan buat blog, maen kata2 dikit boleh doonk
    dangdut abis tp hahahah!


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