dream vs reality

this evening was a very happy moment for him as he received a letter concerning his admission at TU Delft for his dream master programme–SET. we read it together and he didn’t even believe it until i screamed and shook him to congratulate. i was thrilled too, i know how it feels to read along the “On behalf of bla bla bla, we are pleased to (*grin) informed you that you have been admitted to (*big grin)…” and the rest is ecstaticly haaapppy.

the class starts at the end of august and i’m excited as if i’m the one who’s going to the windmill country. i told him, if i were him, i’d begin to concentrate on my preparation such as… um, buying coats and boots? LOL (makes sense tho, the year-end sale tags are still posing beautifully in front of many stores, ha ha, why not then?)

still on the same topic… just about now, i read my friend’s notes about her experience of studying abroad. hearing the good news plus realizing how numerous people i know trying to catch their dreams outside, it hit me again… how i always wanted to gain knowledge overseas . for the reasons most people have borne: trying to live by yourself, deal with the time management, set your mind to go to campus for study not just because it’s compulsory, and of course to open our horizon to a completely different-yet-interesting world out there. ok ok, not gonna lie, one more thing : to satisfy my travelling craze 😀

but given the situations now, pursuing further study out of the country is hardly on my probable-things-gonna-happen list. at least not on this short period.

hopes are still high, but i have to finish what i have started here and nobody said it’s easy, but i believe Allah will lead me the way to achieve my dreams. i’m gonna get it. I WILL!


which ‘season’ is yours?

for those of you who have watched the movie, you might remember the opening statement from the author.


yes, she seemed like an innocent-beauty-covered evil  throughout the movie until she said this line at the end of their days, “you’re not wrong, you’re just wrong about me.”

i stopped at the moment and thought, as hard as it might feel this quote actually makes sense. sometimes, you would’ve rather blame the world for the fact that no such thing as fairy tales exist, just like what Tom did at the movie. but if you try to look behind the wall, they actually happen to some people, lucky bast*rds. it’s their gift where the fate brings them the “what i’m sure of” along with the right person.

the author is sort of kind enough to end the movie with some enlightment. that you’ll find your Autumn to mend your broken pieces by Summer.

but the scary thing is : what if you have too much faith in your own belief, that you’re not wrong about Summer. besides… summer is supposed to be fun. haha.

geez, hope i’m one of those lucky bast*rds

ps. pardon the language hehehe, blame the hormones 😛


had it crossed your mind that karma is actually a vicious cycle?

this  came up when i was thinking about unfortunate events in my life. i frequently think, these bad things occured to me as a consequence of what i did in the previous. but i also had a thinking long before i this, those people deserved that too because of what they did. and what if now, i decided to do some bad things just because i’m so sick with this particular unpleasantness?

the cycle will continue. and it’s up to us : to break the chain or make peace with the mystery of life.

just remember, one of my important life lesson : a payback will always come after… either do good or be naughty, enjoy the result!

yesterday, present, and tomorrow

i can say 2009 was pretty much  my favorite.

jan : beginning dept of my dream (surgery). total FUN. we could skip the exhaustion part…

feb : still fun. plus the butterflies and the seesaw ride. no worries-another life lesson.

march : the long-awaited finally showed his existence

april : discovery of a whole new world

may : OMG, this is how it felt to be loved… + 1st trip with his family

june : i hate internal dept. GRRRR.

july : finally over, with me and my troubled friends on top 10 among class, HAHA. and thank you, for coming every night shifts + recess time. topped it all with a relaxing (mostly trashing) vacation to thailand.

aug : spices spices, ouch… spicy.

sept : ied al-Fitr. introduced to each other’s big family. 2nd trip w/his family : went together to the east java. oohh, gini rasanya mudik hehehe… nice and warm family. oh never gonna forget the near death experience haha, i was damn scared walking very close near the cliff edge and the crazy wind blow up there at ijen crater.

oct : another vacation yehehe, to the never-boring singapore. i was turning 22 on the 19th. a surprise + a lovely watch = XOXO, d. but sadly, my chinese friend had to go pursuing her dream… till we meet again dira ling ling

nov : pediatric dept is far from scary as they said. though i got the jackpot, exam with the very famous, HMN. yes, it’s scary at that point hahaha (still dunno the result till now… please pass pass pass pass, yaa Allah.)

dec : 3rd vacay with his fam : semarang. starting the looooong holiday… always love this time of the year.

see why i put 2009 as my fav? got thru half of my clinical years, many travelling, and got my missing piece 🙂

as i put on my fb status…

2010’s gonna be tough :

  • job training at suburbs
  • face a lot of exams-departmental, comprehensive, competency zzzzz
  • don’t know where he’ll be…
  • please don’t add more

but excited to welcome : (insyaAllah)

  • my baby nephew, very soon!!
  • my 2nd graduation
  • doctor’s oath (kinda creepy)
  • my professional title!!!!!! yeaaahhh… aminnnn.
  • vacations please… 😛