a retreat for the soul

two days ago i was back from an unplanned trip. well at least not by me. on friday noon, a text message hit my inbox, d’s mother asked me if i want to join them to go to semarang the next day. with a lame experience of domestic destinations, of course i was interested. funny thing, i was just memorizing our last trips together at that time. travelling with them is always a pleasure, the spirit and the funny stories complete their warmth 🙂

so then, after the exit permit released from my parents, i went to serpong that night with the travel service. after quite a while waiting in the car pool, a big guy with a young-exec style picked me up (haha, i know u hate this but u looked nice though, d). huff, what a day : post-night shift, tutorial, karaoke, packing, and rushing to bsd on such short notice.

saturday : me and d flew on a 14.20 flight. after landed, we toured around the city with a driver that happened to be a transmigrant from bogor (random). he took us to the old city (please restore it dear government, pleaseee), to diponegoro university, and to the great mosque. i was amazed. it is huge and has 6 giant umbrella tents like the ones on al-Nabawi (but they were only opened once, during the opening ceremony, haha typical indonesian). then we headed to the hotel as his parents landed already. took a quick wash of the oily face and it’s dinner time! i consciously put shellfish, crabs, chicken, squids, and veggies into my mouth. geez. afterall we got a chance to see semarang’s skyline from the uptown. whew, it’s big. bandung seemed tiny compared to it. haha, west vs central java.

sunday : a good night sleep and a full belly–i’m ready to rock my last day of the weekend. we went to d’s parents friend’s wedding invitation (the son, of course, who’s getting married). it was a nice wedding. the venue was not that big, but the atmosphere, the food, and the arrangements were all nice. but coming out from the building… uh-oh, the sun was unfriendly at all. in the afternoon, we’re separated again for our flight home, but this time they went first. after buying the loenpia or springrolls (yes, it’s with a ‘n’) for people back home and dropped them at the airport, me and d continued our journey. pak jarot took us to the suburban part of diponegoro uni (just like mine in jatinangor! hoho), to the tanjung emas port, police academy (real one-not the stunt), gombel, the high point of the city where people usually gathered on new year’s eve, and the most interesting part-the fair. forgot the name but it was to commemorate the city’s discovery. we strolled down the road, ate good food with a good price, and bought bandeng. then we killed the time waiting for the plane, by discussing about the global warming and all its jaw-dropping facts… inspired by the national geographics that he bought, hehe. now i comprehend why you’re that interested in sustainable energy technology, d.

45 minutes flight and voila! we’re in jakarta. it’s not over yet for me. no. d was picked up home by his parents and i went directly to bandung with pak wawan the driver (who happened to own a blackberry gemini that kept on making sound on the ride while mine was off–finally realized where all the sound came from haha). oops, not to bandung btw, we went to jatinangor first to give some things to d’s little brother. my eyes could barely open. “bangunin saya kalo dah keluar tol pasteur ya pak…” and after several turns… i was on my warm bed.

couldn’t believe it’s monday already… what a blast 🙂

*ps: due to the lag of the connection, i saved it to draft instead… this post should be a week old 😛


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  1. bibi
    Dec 28, 2009 @ 21:20:40

    sounds fun!
    unplanned trip is the best when someone ask you to tag along with ’em.. ^^


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