the unpredictable wheel

Have you had uneasy times when offensive forces are running towards you from every direction?

There’s no such thing as fairy tale and all it’s perfect minor details. Where can we found it other than in naïve children stories?

Where do all the spectators go?

A rewind button is definitely not a bargain. And whines don’t help either.

When patience don’t seem to pay a contribution to the problem-solving… left it to hope.

Deep hope that it’s just a transit to an absolutely better destination, and the wheel would roll upward soon.

Roll, please… roll.

Because, sharing a natural history with perfection, an unlimited patience is also impossible.

Fragility is also running side to side.

Awful, don’t you think?



as inspired by a friend of mine, i’m gonna write some of my favorites :

  1. cheesy movie : clueless
  2. sleeping position : prone
  3. hostel : meininger-berlin
  4. room color : lime green
  5. airplane : emirates
  6. indonesian hotel’s buffet : hotel mulia’s
  7. multivitamin : centrum
  8. food : seafood
  9. fruit : longan
  10. car type : hatchback
  11. firework : Disney’s 4th-of-july-parade
  12. japanese mealbox : @ Restaurant Japan-Columbus, OH
  13. english course institution : TAEC-surya sumantri, bandung
  14. blackberry theme : iBerry
  15. adolescent-boyband-idol : ponco buwono-coboy
  16. retail store : H&M
  17. online shoes-store : zappos
  18. cute undies : topshop’s
  19. accessory: watch
  20. mineral water : ron88
  21. reality show : laguna beach
  22. drink : any kind of milk tea
  23. island-to-trashing-in : phi phi
  24. latin food : burrito bol
  25. home-appliances store : ikea
  26. childhood-movie-star-idol : brad renfro
  27. band : dashboard confessional
  28. sport : swimming
  29. sushi menu : salmon sushi
  30. specialty : surgery

other posts of my happy moments coming soon…

i’m too exhausted to write any, after a series of night shift-case presentations-burning calories class… i think i better give my eyes a privilege to rest.

goodnite, world.