holiday and miss u like crazy

holiday was great… great friends and great places, perfect combination. finally i got to see the famous maya “the beach” bay by my very own eyes. recommended holiday destination, people! 🙂 phi phi island is surely a lot of fun. experience staying in a small island (no big street-transports only bikes and carts), cheap foods, cheap hotels, cheap goods, and all come in good quality.

maya bay

anyway, miss him a lot. as quoted from ugly betty : “timing sucks”. i went back home on 30 and he flew off for umrah on 29. and to make it worse, we only spent few hours the last time we met.

i thought i could use this to put myself in a trial… could i survive being distance with him when he left for graduate school. hwaaaa. it’s really hard. the only good thing about starting the daily routines at hospital again is : maybe it can help me forget how long it takes to the 9th of august.

take care, big fat D. and don’t forget to pray for me at Al-Haram 🙂