tie the knot… sooner/later.


Is it just people around me, or it really is the trend now? Every once in a while I heard people are getting married. Haha.
Marriage doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore. You love someone, tie the knot. Ok, some people did it for a good reason: to halalize the harams! Haha. Other, just did it easily, having the privilege of being an heir/heiress of some billion-worth companies. No worries of how they would feed and provide good education for their children.

What does it actually take to come to a decision of getting married? To be honest, I’m always scared of taking the wrong decision to get married-whether it’s the groom, the time, or the reason. I have heard lots of people answer this when I asked how did they know that their partner is the one: “I just knew. Trust me, when you’ve found one, you’d know.” I still find it scary to believe in my own instinct. Haha. As for the time, he once said, “Marriage can due our targets and dreams, or even worse.. fail them.” So then.. Me? Not less than a year would I get a professional degree. What about the master degree? The specialty? Huffh, still a long road waiting ahead. And for the reason, I wish it could be as simple as love for each other and for The Great Allah. But life as we know.. Not that easy.

As much as I miss childhood-where problems seemed so far away, I think I’m enjoying all these bitter sweet and labilities of the 20 something. 😛

outdoor wedding : my dream wedding

outdoor wedding : my dream wedding


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  1. didi
    Jul 09, 2009 @ 09:20:32

    the word ‘wedding’ sounds pretty and enchanting lately……. but ‘marriage’? aaaaaa…. scaarrrry!


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