Had i known

I wish you did eat that french fries, only i put a poison into it before.

Thanks for giving me another proof of the famous surgeon legend. And as for Surgery, blame him for making your reputation worse.

STUPID RABBIT, i am full of regret of wasting my time on you.



When the 1st second of 2009 ticked, i asked myself, what are my resolutions? And i couldn’t bear anything in particular. Just simple and common wishes: “to be a better me, be healthy, and happy always.. in life and after-life.”

Lately, i found some things i want myself to fulfill.. I want me to :

  1. Not that easy to fall for guys
  2. Be less extrovert

I wish.



with you, my heart is a happy acrobat.. turning handsprings out in the yard

and mostly it’s like a kite, flying way up high in the skies

because when you come my way and smile at me, my heart soars.