It’s the end of the 3rd week in Surgery Dept. I just passed Neurosurgery, Plastics, and Oncology (about cancer) subdivision.

Neurosurgery–the most prestigious from my point of view… until now.

Plastics–i must say it dissapointed me. I’ve been wanting to be a plastic surgeon. But the past week in Plastics didn’t appeal me at all… Well, it’s a teaching hospital, i know, those reconstructive surgeries rarely happened there. So, it’s still on my list but not on top anymore i guess.

Oncology–surprisingly, a subdivision i didn’t recognize at first, but seemed interesting… except the stinky smell of course.

Today i went into Santosa International Hospital [cool operating theatre btw, 5 flat monitors in the room, five] . I was in the ameloblastoma surgery [kind of tumor on the jaw]… it’s awesome… not that i’m happy above somebody’s pain. But, it’s freakiiin awesome: opening part of the neck, and cut a piece of the jaw incl. the teeth, and put a titanium plate to stabilize the jaw.


Despite many concerns rolling over in my head, i still LOVE surgery.

It combines art, techniques, feelings, and brain of course. Who said it’s all about slicing without any science? It’s a misunderstanding, that must be a butcher, u mean?