the goods and bads, live it!

I just had my first night shift.

I began the shift with a gratitude that i did the shift with an attending’s daughter as well as a resident’s sister. The residents there were all smiley and kind to us, us means me and her [the 2 of 4 students doing the shift], and of course, especially her.

Not very long from the beginning of the shift, there were 2 moms having deliveries. One delivered her 5th child [unexpected pregnancy, after took out the 10-years-IUD, damn men! :P], and one delivered her 2nd child… she’s only 19 years old, and how old was her 1st child? 5 years. FIVE YEARS. Meaning she had her 1st baby at the age of 14. Oh, what’s wrong with those kids and their urge of uniting the sperms and eggs?

After seeing the delivery, my friends and me looked at each other and said, “do u still want to have a normal delivery?”, she said it straight, “noooooo!! i’d go with c-section, definitely.” Hahahah..

Btw, having the shift at the Delivery Room was tiring because of we had to follow-up patients every 15, 30, and 60 minutes. Blood pressure, pulse rate, respiration rate, temperature, and the baby’s heart sound. It’s kind of amusing at first to hear the baby’s heart sound, but it kept buzzing on my head later last night. Kind of irritating. That was it? No. We also had to follow-up patients in the ward A, B, C, and D until my ears ached of the stethoscope plug. And there’s this one resident doing the shift. At first, he’s nice… he taught us to use the Cardiotocograph and things. And me being ‘me’, u know, i thought… “well, he’s not that bad… :P”. But, he turned out to be the assholest person of the night. Maybe of the whole department? Don’t know. Turned out he’s the one hated by many students that had passed ObGyn and hated  by the birth attendants there. He’s known as.. THE ORDERER. “TuTi”, they said or Tukang Titah. Hahahaha… I saw by my very own eyes, how the rumours about residencies in ObGyn are all about seniority, was true. That Orderer couldn’t let the 1st semester residents to even sit in peace for a minute. Actually, we’re not the lowest order of the food chain there, it’s them, the 1st sem residents. They wouldn’t wake us up if we’re asleep. Yeah right, slept at the nurse table, my neck and back was all aching and the weather wasn’t that friendly. Remind me to use a warmer and longer shirt beneath my shift clothes next time.

It’s not me if i don’t talk about guys. Hehehehe.. 😛

Soooo, it’s my 2nd week in ObGyn and i haven’t met them. Two tall and good-looking residents that i used to passed at the hallway in hospital. There are 2 possibilities : 1) They are not ObGyn residents as we thought so; 2) They’re just simply on duty at places out of my radius, maybe poli.. or even outskirt hospitals.

Meanwhile, i’ve found a resident i have crush with. 😛 Hihihi. He’s dr. AM. He looks like Ricky Subagja, a famous badminton player. So i called him, Bang Ricky, with my friends. Hehehe.  He’s nice and dedicated, or so he seems. 😛 And today, he asked my name! Hahahaha… He was there in the library, our eyes met, and out of the sudden he’s behind me. He asked my friend first [a guy], and then he asked meeeee… “kalo kamu namanya siapa?”, and with confirmation, “anita?”, hahahaha. Yaayyyy!! 😀 The sleepiness and exhaustion suddenly dissapeared. Haaa.

And the end of the day at hospital was made more beautiful as i saw dr. N walking to the parking lot…  Hahahaha.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. konk
    Nov 06, 2008 @ 13:00:09

    dasar hidung belang ….. (pre) quarter life crisis ?????


  2. noddie
    Nov 06, 2008 @ 14:30:17

    yaudahlah.. namanya jg proses pencarian.
    it’s everyone right.. selama bukan suami org.
    hahahaha, pdhl si psychiatrist udh pny istri. yaudahlah.


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