Gifts basket :D

Since my birthday is coming soon, so I guess it’s the right time to put my wish lists ;P

1.       New handy : PDA phone. Cause I can put medical programs there to help me study [hahahahaaa, excuse is not a sin], plus… my old one is broken [can’t hear any voice from the incoming call]. And hey, been a long time since I changed my last phone! [another excuse]

*Samsung Omnia/HTC Touch/HTC Diamond

2.       Nintendo DS Lite. To kill time anywhere… esp. during shifts! Or when there’s nothing else to do, but too lazy to study. 😉

3.       New pocket digicam. The old one has many scratches here and there, and I just realized, maann… the quality is bad compared to nowadays-camera. Still love the sleek body though-smoooch. XX

*Panasonic Lumix/Sony DSC W150

4.       Small-inches laptop.

*Acer Aspire AOA110-1295 NoteBook/Sony/Asus Eee…

5.       SLR camera. Always envy those who can capture moments with SLR.

6.       Other LOMO cameras. Can’t resist for just having only one… 😀

*Holga 35mm/Colorsplash/HorizonKompakt

7.       Bold colors tote bag. Love at 1st sight with Loewe Fiesta Bag Red, well, any brand is fine…

8.       Washed denim jacket.

9.       Black-masculine-yet-sexy jacket.

10.   Dressessssssss.

11.   Black girly sandals.

12.   Gold watch.

*Been waiting quite long… Fossil/DKNY/Swatch/Guess: no new models L

13.   Lots of short-sleeves shirts + lots of skirts + lots of trousers… for work.

14.   Lots of shoes. Never enough, u girls know that.


Life lately, and what tomorrow’s gonna be.

I saw a picture from one of my friend’s birthday, there were me and others.. him included, beside me to precise… and i laughed. “yaampun.. ga cocok bgt gw ama dia.. knapa bsa ya kmaren2 ini…????”

and i am sooo thankful all of these made me forget about him, and the other him, hahaha.. not that i like to be this busy. I became sick.. huhuhu. Damn virus! I’m busy, i love my job, i’m sick, i don’t have time for him, and that’s good!! Yayy..

Btw, the end of the 2nd week in Forensic is coming..

First, despite all the ‘not having the HOLYday holiday’ issue, we’re kind of lucky actually.. consider we got 1 week bonus, ‘gaji buta’ or blind salary in Indonesian term hahaha.. and the holiday week was not that bad as we thought it would be. Not that many bodies accepted.. it’s God’s will i guess, haha.

Second, this week is kind of hectic actually.. lots of oncall at unappropriate timing [the stink one right after i took a bath & washed my hair and other one right after i’m ready to go to sleep, 20 mins left to the oncall limit-who would’ve thought there’d be an oncall!!!? Damn.] Lots of internal autopsy.. made me more and more convinced that i’m certainly NOT INTO DIGESTIVE SURGERY!! Guts make me sick. Not to mention i hate to see the gastric content.. Eww. Ok back to the topic.. rotation at forensic is fine actually. There’s nothing to do when there’s no autopsy, well.. just making Visum, and preceptorial.. other than that, it’s up to you. Hahaha..

Third, i’m so grateful to be with others here… People from my batch, seniors, and others from other universities [Ukrida, Yarsi, Maranatha]… They’re a lot of fun 🙂 Hoping the same for other departments!

Talking about the specialties…

Since Digestive is totally out of my choices, what’s left : Cardiothoracics, Neuro, Plastics, Orthopedics, Peds, Vascular… Hmmm. Ok, one by one.

  1. I, once, when i was a freshman, wanted to be a Cardiologist. I found the Heart interesting… but it was very crucial to human’s life, so i stepped back 😛
  2. I also ever wanted to be a Neurologist, forgot what’s the reason. Guess it’s just because it sounded so cool, hahahaha.
  3. I was going for Plastics a while ago. There weren’t many Plastic Surgeon in Indonesia.. aaannd, it just appealed me. But, not really sure these days..
  4. Ortho? I wanted this topic for my minor thesis! I was interested with Ortho. But seeing Grey’s Anatomy, seeing Callie with all the Ortho cases.. Oh, it’s true what they say, not actually a surgeon. More as a carpenter.. Hahahaha.
  5. Peds.. i just can’t imagine myself slicing up the kids. They’re just incredible little!! They’re just too fragile…
  6. Vascular surgery. Hmm. Came up recently, because i currently working together with the daughter of a Professor of Vascular surgery. And there are only 7 of them in Indonesia, said a friend. Only seven Vascular Surgeon in Indonesia!!! It’s fragile, friable.. but less invasive than others, i guess. Soo, it’s kind of interesting.

Lastly i’m thinking of Ophthalmology and ENT&Head-Neck Surgery. Two of the specialties that i didn’t even bother to count in. 😛 They just didn’t attract me! Until i accidentally had to make the minor thesis in Opthalmology dept, and found out that.. i can get all. The free time and the surgeries [minor though, but still surgeries!!]. And those reasons apply for ENT&Head-Neck surgery…

But, well, we’ll see…

Bismillah… 🙂