background check

does it really matter?

Just got back from catching up with old friends. We talked about one of my friend’s exes. At the end of the talking, my other friend told him, “i know what’s been ur problem… between ur love life and ur parents, it’s the background check right?”.

And i directly felt familiar… Oh, it isn’t just me.

I know they, parents, do that for a good cause. Every parents want the best for their children. But sometimes, and most of the times [for me], it puts a lot of weight into the choice-making. Why is it so hard to love someone just because u love them… Not because of what they are. I’m not naive though, i do think those considerations are important. Especially, haree genee? lo mo beli beras pake cinta? mo punya cowo yg ga bsa diandelin? It’s a big no no!

Lucky them who can find both love and good qualifications at the same time…

Feels so hard for me to find one. Now when i think there is one, everything seems grey…


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