when exactly is soon gonna come?

After 3 weeks, or 15 work days to be exact, we finally made it through the Psychiatry dept. Lots of follow-ups, interviews, laughs, amazes, sneaking thru the resident’s room, studying with dr. Tatang, chasing dr. B, and having fun with dr. N… Kind of sad actually, because the end was not like how i imagined. Several last days dr. B didn’t come because of his father was sick and i didn’t catch up for the last time with dr. N [remembering we spent every morning together following-up the crazy-yet-fun Mr. Asep ‘Delusional’]. Huhuhu… We’re happy we passed this department. But i’ll miss Psychiatry for sure…

after judicium, in of front of our fav room *wink

after judicium, in front of our fav room *wink

we'll miss youu!

we'll miss youu!!


Just now i went to Sushi Tei with my parents. When we came in, someone shouted “kak nooot!!”, i looked for the source of the calling, it’s N. Tadaaa, why was i not surprised, he’s there. Hahaha.. He said, “noot..” and i just could reply with a simple “hiii..” and tried to give the simplest yet the sweetest smile i could give :P.

And we spent the rest of the night talking about him. Shortly after we went out of the restaurant, he called, “not.. sori ga enak bgt euy td ga salam dulu ama bonyok lu pas pulang.. td ga ngeh lg diajak ngobrol.. bilangin maaf yaa..”. I was touched. How could i not? No wonder he’s every parents favourite!

I really don’t know what he’s really up to…

He did this and that, people said this and that. The recent one, my friend told me: “he doesn’t want anyone…”, “then who??!!” i said, “he wants you…”

But what happens in reality? Nothing.

Truth is i was just about to ‘stop’ it… you know, with us being separated by our own routines and no progress at all. But then tonight…


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