state of mind

 it’s been a week of my clinical clerkship. my very first rotation begins in : psychiatry department.

her face seemed depressed. she’s mutism and didn’t respond to any conversations we’re trying to begin.

he’s euphoric on our first morning, he’s making fun of us, and few hours later he’s suddenly mad and shouted to everyone.

she’s only 18 and he’s only 15.

barely cross my mind, how the world of psychiatry really is. and it finally amazed me… i spent my first day at the ward stunned by their attitudes. we should be REALLY grateful, that we’re normal. no kidding!

anyway, after a week : at 1st i got so bored that we only got to do the ‘talking’ with patients, no specific clinical procedures unlike other depts, but after that… it’s true what they said, relaxed! no daily assignments, no annoying orders from residents, and.. just play table tennis! yup, there’s a table tennis table inside the ward 😛 and besideeesss, we have found the oasis in the middle of the psychiatry desert. hahahah… girls, girls.

dr. —, looking forward to see u on the follow-up session next monday!

from love life :

one evening, tired, craving for someone [‘him’ at the moment] to care for me.

1 message received : “hey, finished already? tired? just sleep after u got home. just now i went across psychiatry, but i was in a rush to buy some gloves :P”  – nope, not from ‘him’

and on a late night chatting with a friend :

+why does a person who likes us, is not the one we like back?

-if so, i’d have 10 girlfriends by now.

good point, especially for me. the one who has uncountable crushes. i probably should’ve used the word ‘much’ rather than ‘many’.

streaming all that so-i-thought-perfect night long

streaming all that so-i-thought-perfect night long


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