Still, Tokyo.

Dissapointed, yet relieved.

Got the answer. Set the end point. Thanks for being there through these. You guys-the best, hehe.

Still you afterall…

“sampe lu menutup mata, not.. suka ama dia.”, said a friend.

Loud Takbiran nite

Loud Takbiran nite


background check

does it really matter?

Just got back from catching up with old friends. We talked about one of my friend’s exes. At the end of the talking, my other friend told him, “i know what’s been ur problem… between ur love life and ur parents, it’s the background check right?”.

And i directly felt familiar… Oh, it isn’t just me.

I know they, parents, do that for a good cause. Every parents want the best for their children. But sometimes, and most of the times [for me], it puts a lot of weight into the choice-making. Why is it so hard to love someone just because u love them… Not because of what they are. I’m not naive though, i do think those considerations are important. Especially, haree genee? lo mo beli beras pake cinta? mo punya cowo yg ga bsa diandelin? It’s a big no no!

Lucky them who can find both love and good qualifications at the same time…

Feels so hard for me to find one. Now when i think there is one, everything seems grey…

when exactly is soon gonna come?

After 3 weeks, or 15 work days to be exact, we finally made it through the Psychiatry dept. Lots of follow-ups, interviews, laughs, amazes, sneaking thru the resident’s room, studying with dr. Tatang, chasing dr. B, and having fun with dr. N… Kind of sad actually, because the end was not like how i imagined. Several last days dr. B didn’t come because of his father was sick and i didn’t catch up for the last time with dr. N [remembering we spent every morning together following-up the crazy-yet-fun Mr. Asep ‘Delusional’]. Huhuhu… We’re happy we passed this department. But i’ll miss Psychiatry for sure…

after judicium, in of front of our fav room *wink

after judicium, in front of our fav room *wink

we'll miss youu!

we'll miss youu!!


Just now i went to Sushi Tei with my parents. When we came in, someone shouted “kak nooot!!”, i looked for the source of the calling, it’s N. Tadaaa, why was i not surprised, he’s there. Hahaha.. He said, “noot..” and i just could reply with a simple “hiii..” and tried to give the simplest yet the sweetest smile i could give :P.

And we spent the rest of the night talking about him. Shortly after we went out of the restaurant, he called, “not.. sori ga enak bgt euy td ga salam dulu ama bonyok lu pas pulang.. td ga ngeh lg diajak ngobrol.. bilangin maaf yaa..”. I was touched. How could i not? No wonder he’s every parents favourite!

I really don’t know what he’s really up to…

He did this and that, people said this and that. The recent one, my friend told me: “he doesn’t want anyone…”, “then who??!!” i said, “he wants you…”

But what happens in reality? Nothing.

Truth is i was just about to ‘stop’ it… you know, with us being separated by our own routines and no progress at all. But then tonight…

state of mind

 it’s been a week of my clinical clerkship. my very first rotation begins in : psychiatry department.

her face seemed depressed. she’s mutism and didn’t respond to any conversations we’re trying to begin.

he’s euphoric on our first morning, he’s making fun of us, and few hours later he’s suddenly mad and shouted to everyone.

she’s only 18 and he’s only 15.

barely cross my mind, how the world of psychiatry really is. and it finally amazed me… i spent my first day at the ward stunned by their attitudes. we should be REALLY grateful, that we’re normal. no kidding!

anyway, after a week : at 1st i got so bored that we only got to do the ‘talking’ with patients, no specific clinical procedures unlike other depts, but after that… it’s true what they said, relaxed! no daily assignments, no annoying orders from residents, and.. just play table tennis! yup, there’s a table tennis table inside the ward 😛 and besideeesss, we have found the oasis in the middle of the psychiatry desert. hahahah… girls, girls.

dr. —, looking forward to see u on the follow-up session next monday!

from love life :

one evening, tired, craving for someone [‘him’ at the moment] to care for me.

1 message received : “hey, finished already? tired? just sleep after u got home. just now i went across psychiatry, but i was in a rush to buy some gloves :P”  – nope, not from ‘him’

and on a late night chatting with a friend :

+why does a person who likes us, is not the one we like back?

-if so, i’d have 10 girlfriends by now.

good point, especially for me. the one who has uncountable crushes. i probably should’ve used the word ‘much’ rather than ‘many’.

streaming all that so-i-thought-perfect night long

streaming all that so-i-thought-perfect night long

traces of joy…

Yesterday me and my friends went to the capital city which is 2-hours-drive from here.. It was 9 of us. Haaapppyyy trip! 🙂

We only went to the new mall-fx, which turned out to be not that so good as we would’ve imagined. The slide-or so it’s named “Atmostfear”-also not that appealing to me… The cinema was good-looking, haha.. then we decided to watch the movie there. We watched Death Race, it’s good, but obviously need parental control, hahaha.. too much atrocities. Since we have no idea which place that is skydining and good taste and all-u-can-eat at the same time, from there we decided to go to Senayan City:’s nearby, 2.we could eat buffet, 3.we wanted to go shopping as well, hahahaha. We ate at Churrasco [Brazilian Grill], i’ve always wanted to eat there and my friends said they are good.. but poor me, the one time i went there… it wasn’t that good. Nevermind, my stomach satisfied. Then we went window shopping.. especially me! Since i didn’t buy anything except changing my Swatch strap and battery.


We went directly back home afterwards… Had so much fun on the ride home… :))

Kind of sad… Will we still be like this later? After splitted into different groups, different departments, different routines..?

I know it’s cheesy, but… FRIENDS FOREVER, friends! 🙂

*song of the day :

Should i give up,
Or should i just keep chasing pavements?
Even if it leads nowhere,
Or would it be a waste?
Even If i knew my place should i leave it there?
Should i give up,
Or should i just keep chasing pavements?
Even if it leads nowhere…

[by Adele]

It’s for me with him, and him with her. Right? Hahahaha…