the outside world

just now i randomly saw my friend’s facebook account, and something stated about her plan to go to a country for some international program. ughh, i became somewhat.. [bhs inggrisnya ‘panas’ apa ya? tapi bukan panas-panas itu hehe..]

anything about abroad always have been my biggest passion ever since i could remember. no intentions to brag or what, but i went abroad since i was little and grew up in a family where mom [with her job] often traveled abroad [for us, splurging the money for stepping on other country’s road is waaaay more worth it than for those expensive Blue Ray discs :P] and how our family always wanted to live abroad. not pretty much a nationalist huh? but don’t get it wrong, as i grew older.. i learned that this mother earth has soooo much treasures. i just don’t like the bureaucracy, how people loves to smoke that much, and.. well, basically the mess. 😛

anyway, another reason why i became envy after seeing that is because of my cancellation to go to the UK this year!!! huhuhuhu.. 😦 me and 4 of my fellow friends at the university were supposed to go for AMSEP [asian’s medical students exchange program] at Imperial College London and Cambridge University, but it got cancelled 1 day before, yep, ONE DAY!! can u imagine how dissapointed we were..??? after all the efforts for the visa making in the middle of our exam weeks, packing, and all the preparations.. and of course, our hopes to spend the summer in the UK? and for me personally, i always dreamed to go to UK.. :((

so here i am, envying all of my friends that go abroad this year, particularly those to europe and america continents! hehehehe..

don’t know why i miss berlin so much..


weather: very sunny, mood: very happy

dih, tih, save some money-let’s backpack again for sure!!

and wish me luck with my Quebec plan 🙂 at least 2 years from now..


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