turns out the repayment of a good deed does not always work reciprocally. it can come from every direction at the least predictable moments.

thank you Allah for the chance to know him, and thank you for being there through these rough times…


passion, mission


my days have been occupied by (mostly) preparation to enter school again and trying to seep fun inbetween, for the sake of sanity. don’t think i’m all ready to be a student again, having to be the lowest doormat in the hospital hierarchy, but when i try to actually think about it, “okay, not everyone has the chance to do it now, maybe it’s mine. why waste it?”, i start to run for this. especially, with the thought of my parents’ proud smile as the payback.

it’s been a delightful experience to finally put your passion into reality. i did one of mine couple of days ago. this perfect timing might called fate. follow @yekeyekeYEAH for now as the website is still under construction 🙂

p.s. colour the dusk deep navy blue… and try to be brave, cause i’ll be right beside you.


as usual by the end of the year we are faced by a question “what did we have the past 360-something days?”

hearing some of my friends, frankly… 2010 has been quite hard on us. (hoorah i’m not alone :P) too many losses and gains.

some of us lost our partners, families, and bestfriends. but some achievements came our way too.

as for me, yes it’s been hard dudeee! dealing with losses, real life at suburbs, between-life/death exams… i hardly even believe i’ve been through all those times. but through many rains you often find rainbows, right.

this year, i got several life-changing moments. my dear nephew was born, i was officialy graduated as a doctor, hence.. got my first paycheck, and many travelling (*big grin sinfully) and went to seventh heaven unproperly, LOL

i should say, a year of lessons has been passed. and for 2011, though can’t tell you it’s gonna be easier… but i have to be braver, for something BIG and yes, a brighter future.


messenger of happiness


winter euphoria

A big and warm HELLOOO to this blog.

Crucial exam, graduation, doctors oath, mood swings, trips…. Lots of things happened lately, few chance to had a quality time with my laptop.

Now as i’m enjoying the consequence of bad posture (read: having LBP), here we go, a new post.

Last week, i was just got back from a trip to South Korea and Hong Kong. One of my lesson from Korea was having to understand  the fact  that a cold wind is zillion times more excruciating than a snow. Not even a single flake of snow there, but why did i barely feel my hands?

reallyyyy, dude?

a public toilet like no other

a book vending machine, unfortunately all in Korean

they have these piggies all over the street

dorama fever--SanggoJae!

Anyway, if there’s a cafe named “Death by Chocolate” i would definitely made some place named “Death by Cuteness”,  in case people asked where did i inspired that from, i’d say South Korea 🙂

And no, i haven’t meet Jang Geun Suk and Lee Min Ho in person. That means i have to get back there someday!

stupido ritmo

You and I painting rainbows when no rain falls on our wall
Smelling raindrops on a hilltop as they fall
You and I laughing loudly with no reasons in our walk
Chasing sunsets, dancing minuet in the dark

Why don’t we just disappear
If that could keep us here?

You and I sharing snow fall and the beach sand in our thoughts
Writing love words with our whispers in our hearts
You and I stealing kisses from each other when we fight
Making wishes on the same star every night

Why don’t we just dream away
If that could make us stay?
Why can’t we just dream away?
We’re not real, anyway

ta ra ta ta ta ta ta ra ta ta
ra ta ta ra ta ta ta ra
ta ra ta ta ta ta ta ra ta ta
ra ta ta ra ta ta ta ra

Why don’t we just stay this high?
Pretend we’re all that fly
Why can’t we just stay this high?
We might rule our own sky

You and I singing solo our very own silly song
Playing lovers of all edens all life long
All life long
All life long

hey, how’s life

corny conversations till mama comes say it’s too late.

nothing really matters…………………………………

everything was much easier when the choice was still the boy next door (who plays guitar before you go to sleep, lol) rather than the ultimate eligible bachelor

Enjoy the adrenaline! 🙂

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